On October 1-2 Dubna, Moscow Region welcomed the VI all-Russian research-to-practice conference “Principles and Mechanisms of Creating National Innovation System” held in SEZ Dubna Congress Center. This year the event gathered over 300 Russian and foreign participants to discuss the key topic “Development of Cooperation in Major Hi Tech Projects”.


The conference program comprised 14 sections on various topics, including “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Design, Technologies, Cooperation”, “Mechanisms of Developing Cooperation in Aerospace Engineering”. The Progresstech-Dubna representatives took part in the above mentioned sections making presentations on the following topics:

- “Automation Methods in Project Management” (presented by Denis Legotin);

- “Practice of Using Closed Cycles of Stress Analysis Control” (presented by Boris Sheptunov);

- “Practice of Cost Minimization in Designing by Implementing the Decision Making Support Matrix” (presented by Ruslan Nesterov).