The conference held on September 29-30 gathered a wide audience including representatives of business circles, expert community, development institutes, educational institutions, research organizations and federal and regional authorities.

 Among the co-sponsors were the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Government of the Moscow Region, Dubna Town administration, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, “Special Economic Zones” JSC, “Dubna Techno-Innovation SEZ” JSC, Institute of Economics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Dubha University.

Among the main topics to be discussed were issues on output of innovative products, trends and perspectives of development of Russian academgorodoks (academic towns) and naukograds (towns of science), mechanisms for start-up resources provision, modeling of life cycle processes for sophisticated engineering systems, composite materials, health biotechnologies and protection of intellectual property rights.

At the session dedicated to modeling of life cycle processes for sophisticated engineering systems the participants discussed the problems of distributed computing application, LMS software resources for modeling. Numerous interesting presentations have been offered to the audience. Progresstech, Ltd. and Progresstech-Dubna (the Dubna SEZ resident since 2007) took an active part in the session. Artemy Minochkin, Progresstech Principal Project Engineer made a report entitled “Simulation study of passenger traffic at airports” presenting the research methods of passenger handling at airport terminals and demonstrating case studies which illustrated the Progresstech executed projects.