The Progresstech corporate culture is an inherent component of the company performance, its rules, traditions and values. The corporate culture contributes to company's identity, to forming the standards of behaviour, to establishing the goodwill relations between its employees. Progresstech maintains many noteworthy traditions, including arrangement of various corporate events such as festive activities, formal meetings, sporting events.


The company administration puts a special emphasis on corporate motivation of its employees. Based upon the monthly indicators of working behavior the best employees who have displayed the best work results such as excellent performance, tutorship of less experienced employees, efficient communication with the customer, improvement of project execution procedures etc. are chjsen.


At the end of year Progresstech holds a contest to select and award the best employees of the year ib the following nominations: the Best Young Specialist, the Best Specialist, the Best Manager, the Best Mentor (nomination award named after V.L. Kovalev), the Diligence Master (nomination award named after E.I. Sheptinsky), the Unique Professional (nomination award named after V.P. Obledov). The award winners are given letters of recognition and certificates of award.

This ceremony is held at the annual formal meeting where the corporate executives share the information of attaining the targets for the year and perspective plans and present the employees with corporate pins and certificates of award according to the record of their work at the company: golden corporate pin (for 10-year service), silver corporate pin (for 5-year service) and bronze corporate pin (for one-year service). Another tradition has appeared recently – presenting corporate with commemorative gifts and certificates of award to employees for 15-year and 20-year work and then for every 5-year work period.

The Honered Worker of Progresstech is another new nomination award associated with the corporate anniversary celebrations. An employee nominated for this award shall meet four requirements which are as follows: he/she must have at 15 years of work at the company, have various services, namely establishment of new trends of business and implementation of projects of strategic importance for the company development, development of production and auxiliary trends of corporate activities, active involvement in the most impoetant projects, high production progress, professional skills, innovative approach and so on. A golden corporate pin (any of three classes respectively of the employee's contribution in the corporate activity) is presented to the Honored Worker of Progresstech who also receives additional social support attaining the age of 60.

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Every year Progresstech organizes a large corporate social event in summer or in winter. In summer a numerous group of employees of Progresstech goes to the picnic in the vicinities of Moscow. In winter Progresstech celebrates its anniversary. The event is held in high-profile places in Moscow: cultural centres, restaurants, clubs and entertainment centers. There are lots of talented people among our employees, so it's become a tradition to organize amateur performances for every corporate social event.

5Progresstech supports the healthy life style. On the top management initiative the company leases on a monthly base sports halls to practice mini soccer, volleyball and basketball. Therefore each employee as he/she wishes has a chance to develop his/her sport abilities and acquire the team play behavior.


In spring and fall corporate sports teams are formed to take part in volleyball, basketball and soccer extremal tournaments. When the game is over the awards ceremony takes place to present cups and medals to the winners. All the employees and their family members can come to the tournaments and support their colleagues. At the end of each year the company resumes the sporting events results. The most active sportsmen are presented with the group gift certificate for attending a bowling club.