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Росавиация выдала ООО «Прогресстех» сертификат разработчика авиационной техники. Документ подтверждает, что организация соответствует требованиям Федеральных авиационных правил «Сертификация авиационной техники,...
Our News
Progresstech LLC Airfields Testing Laboratory has been accredited as a technically competent and independent testing laboratory of civil aviation objects...
Over a long period Progresstech has been engaged in the charity activity and rendered a focused assistance to such child-care...
Progresstech Ltd. completed the traditional practical training on design and calculation for the third-year students of the robotics and complex...
Our Projects

Ellington, Houston, TX, USA

Turkmenabat International Airport, Turkmenistan

Aircraft Corporation Rubin // 

Ramenskoye Airport, Moscow Region, the Russian Federation // Evaluation of airfield pavement bearing capacity

Ust-Nera Airport ,Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Russian Federation // Adaptation program of ATR aircraft to the Russian North airports

Design of new bumper for: full cycle development // Daimler, Russia/Germany

Ведущий инженер-проектировщик систем ОВиК
Требования к кандидатам: Знание и опыт проектирования в Revit обязателен Высшее профессиональное образование Опыт работы...


Why Progresstech

28 Years Experience 250 Employees 470 Accomplished Projects 10 Countries Have Entrusted their Projects


Progresstech is among the largest Russian companies providing the intellectual services for the aerospace and aviation transport industries and actively expanding the engineering consulting services in the automotive industry and energy sector.

The company's pride is a team of highly proficient and experienced engineers possessing the state-of-the-art design techniques and able to solve any tasks in the promptest way at the high quality level. Progresstech has been involved in multiple large-scale projects and now operates efficiently in various customers' interests providing the world-standard engineering services.