Any buildings and facilities of the airport infrastructure:



Strategy Development and Concept Design for the Airports. Master-Planning

KP strategy

  • Short-term and long-term development strategy of the airport
  • Forecast of passenger and cargo flows
  • Planning of activities
  • Resource assessment
  • Rationale for attracting investment (business - planning)
  • Current and prospective master-plans for the airport
  • Options for the airport infrastructure development
  • Conceptual designs of individual buildings and structures
  • Integration of the airport to the existing transport infrastructure
  • Rationale for the landside and airside area
  • Consulting services, expert support, independent inspection of the design decisions
  • Environmental impact assessment

Passenger and Cargo Terminals

KP terminal

  • Capacity calculations of the terminal
  • Passenger flows calculation
  • Architecture, design, 3D rendering
  • Structure design and calculation
  • MEP utilities design
  • Way finding and advice systems
  • Consideration of climatic and geological features of construction area
  • Compliance with national and cultural traditions
  • Ensure access to low mobility people
  • Fire safety systems
  • Safety and security systems

Airfield Pavements

KP aeropokritiy

  • Justification of individual technical solutions based on our own and traditional mathematical models
  • Development the projects of Airfield pavements reconstruction based on the engineering evaluation test, bearing capacity measurement and surface evenness
  • Pavements measurement and tests accomplished in our certify laboratory in accordance to specific methodology
  • Airfield pavement design in accordance with ICAO, FAA and local standards, which depends of the airport location
  • Using the design simulation
  • Optimization of design solutions based on mathematical modeling to reduce the volume of construction works

Air Traffic Control Facilities, Navigation and Landing Equipments

KP UVD obyekt

  • Regional Air traffic control facilities
  • ATC Tower
  • Positions for ILS (Instrument Landing Systems), LLZ (Localizer), GP (Glide-path beacon), DME (Distance-Measuring Equipment), VHF (Very high frequency), VOR– VHF (Omnidirectional Radio Range), STAR/RSM (Primary Radar and Secondary Radar), NDB (Nondirectional Beacon) and RM (Marker Beacon)
  • Airfield lighting systems
  • Airfield Equipment CAT I, II and III by ICAO (novaids)
  • Meteorological airport equipment

Fuel Depot and Hydrant Refuelling Systems

KP toplivo

  • Projects of fuel complex
  • Hydrant refuelling systems
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Pump station
  • Fuel servicing truck (FST) discharge/loading stations
  • Fire-fighting service station

Hangars and Training Centers for Aviation Personnel

KP trenajer

  • Hangar for aircraft storage and maintenance
  • Aircraft repair and aircraft building manufacture
  • Repair shop and laboratory
  • Pilot Training center
  • Flight simulation training facilities (Training and administration premises)
  • Training centers for aviation personnel

Objects of Engineering Infrastructure

KP eng infrastruktura

  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Power supply networks, electrical equipment and lighting of buildings and facilities
  • Telecommunication facilities (transmitting and receiving radio centers)
  • Lighting equipment
  • Systems of access control, video surveillance and protection of the territory
  • Meteorological equipment
  • Telephone and management networks
  • Radio communication and broadcasting systems


KP territotya

  • Access roads
  • Overpasses
  • Multilevel and surface parkings
  • Public transport stations
  • Landscaping