Research studies, certification tests, engineering and consulting in airport technology are traditional activities of Progresstech Group. Since 1991 a wide range of services has been offered:

Research Studies

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  • Regulatory documents development
  • Improvement of methods of calculation, design, construction and repair of airfield and road pavements
  • Development of new design solutions for airfield and road pavements
  • Development of new construction materials and technologies
  • Software development, etc.

There were developed new technical solutions and mathematical models that have been highly appreciated by Boeing Company, US Federal Aviation Administration and ICAO.

The long-term researching of Progresstech specialists has resulted in participation in development of the Airdrome Construction Standards and Regulations and publication of «Airdrome Pavements. Modern View» monograph.

Surface Roughness Evaluations of Unpaved and Paved Airfield Runways

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  • Measurements of irregularities of airfield pavement surfaces using the high precision devices DIPSTICK-2000, SurPRO 3500
  • Calculation of roughness characteristics of paved runways surfaces according to the Russian and international procedures
  • Analysis of soil strength according to the Russian and international procedures
  • Flight operation safety assessment

Surface roughness evaluations of unpaved and paved airfield runways were performed in the airports of Russia and CIS contries for operation of Boeing, ATR, Airbus и Bombardier aircraft.

Expertise of Project Solutions and Quality Assurance of Construction and Erection Works


  • Inspection of construction sites
  • Assessment of technical condition of structures
  • Testing of construction materials and structures Measurements
  • Formulation of guidelines
  • Quality assurance control of construction works

Structures inspection


  • Assessment of technical condition of structures and material capabilities
  • Defect and damage causes identification
  • Development of reconstruction, repair and rehabilitation projects

Construction supervision


  • Construction support services
  • Designing and laboratory testing of concrete, asphalt-concrete and repair mixes
  • Material quality control
  • Artificial bed and pavement design quality control
  • Control of compliance to projects and technology requirements

There were also developed recommendations and executed technological control of construction and rehabilitation of airfield pavements at the following airports: Mary (Turkmenistan), Donetsk (Ukraine), Manas (Kyrgyzstan), Uralsk (Kazakhstan), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Perm, Kemerovo, Sheremetyevo, Gelendzhik (Russia) and others.

Services for PAG slab manufactuing

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  • Adjustment of engineering process
  • Slab quality improvement
  • Slab testing

Certification Tests

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Testing of Civil, State and Experimental Aviation Airfields:

  • Determination of airfield artificial pavements’ actual load-carrying capacity (PCN)
  • Identification of artificial and natural beds materials characteristics
  • Assessment of pavements condition, geometrical dimensions, marking and airfield roughness
  • Identification of obstacles in the areas adjacent to airfield

A series of works in over 100 airports of Russia and CIS countries was executed.

Material tests:

  • Concrete mixes, concretes and repair mixes
  • Asphalt-concrete, asphalt-concrete mixes for roadway and airfield pavements
  • Mineral materials

Testing of airfield reinforced-concrete slabs:

  • Crack resistance
  • Strength
  • Geometrics

Airport Certification


Progresstech Airport Certification Center conducts a conformity assessment of evidence documentation civil aviation airports along with airport operational activity inspections, including:

  • Airfield support
  • Passengers, baggage, mail and cargo handling procedures
  • Civil aviation airfields and heliports

Progresstech Airport Certification Center executed works in over 400 airports.

Consulting Services for Air Carriers


Progresstech Experts Have Been Involved Flight Operation Over the Russian Territory and Charter Operations to/from Russia and CIS Foreign Air Carriers:

  • Interaction with federal regulatory authorities on behalf of Russian and foreign air carriers
  • Routes development, obtaining of overfly permits from the Russian Federation airspace by regular and charter flights of foreign air carriers
  • Air navigation information support