On May 30 to June 6 the Progresstech delegation made a formal visit to the Federal Republic of Brazil. The delegation was headed by Nikolay Vasiliev, Progresstech Director General, and among its members was Artemy Minochkin, Design Department Principal Project Engineer.

It was for the second time that our specialists visited Brazil. The first visit was timed to AIRPORT INFRA EXPO 2014, Latin American Airport Infrastructure Seminar & Exhibition where the Progresstech delegates participated in the conference on development of the civil aviation and regional airport network in Brazil.

In the course of the visit our colleagues were to carry out a series of negotiations with the Brazilian aviation officials and potential business partners. The visit program included an official meeting with Eliseu Padilha, Head of Secretariat of Civil Aviation of Brazil. The main topic of the meeting was the reconstruction program of the regional airport network. Today most airports are outdated and obsolete and require a comprehensive rehabilitation. But the country lacks for national specialists who could be able to cope with such tasks. So the Brazil government holds an interest in engaging the foreign companies experienced in airport design and construction for services on this program. And Progresstech may undoubtedly become a worthy partner here.

Another meeting was held in the Ministry of Transport of State of Goias which is one of the most industrially developed states in Brazil. The meeting participants discussed construction of the cargo airport which, as the state government believes, should be a final step of the overall project on creating a large intermodal logistics cluster. The Progresstech specialists has shared a wide experience the company has acquired in construction and reconstruction of the similar facilities, and this certainly has aroused the Brazilian party's interest.

Also, during the Progresstech visit our delegation has met the representatives of Brazilian business corporations to discuss the cooperation in joint projects. Our company may if required join the project dealing with elaboration of the development strategy and design of airports. The visit has resulted in establishing multiple contacts with the Brazilian partners and tracing lines for potential evolution of the Progresstech Design Department and entry into the Latin American market.