On September 25 the Izhevsk assembly site being AvtoVAZ subsidiary unit started the serial production of LADA Vesta created on a completely new LADA B/C platform. Progresstech engineers have participated in the development of LADA Vesta design.

LADA Vesta has been developed by the AvtoVAZ engineers with participation of the Renault-Nissan Alliance specialists. The car design has been developed and automotive suppliers, selected to date. It is for the first time in the LADA history that only 12 months passed from presentation of the concept car to start of its serial production.

The Progresstech engineers have been also involved in the LADA Vesta design development by working on various projects, including development of the design documentation package for the car body parts and assemblies, and on development of the car suspension design. The engineers' effort has been highly appreciated by AvtoVAZ managers specially mentioning some of them in the certificates and letters of commendation for their contribution in the LADA Vesta project.

The collaboration between Progresstech and AvtoVAZ began in 2012 by joining efforts in the first AvtoVAZ international project in Togliatti – development of two models of the Nissan revived DATSUN brand. The DATSUN project has been successfully completed. And simultaneously with this project and afterwards the Progresstech team has been efficiently involved in development of new models and modification of existing ones of Kalina/Granta, Lada 4x4 and Lada C families produced by AvtoVAZ.