On December 8, 2015, the first 737 MAX was rolled out at Boeing's Renton, Washington factory. All who has been involved in and implemented the development program of the new jet airlner celebrated the end of its final assembly stage.


Progresstech has been invited to participate in the Boeing 737-8 MAX development project by the Moscow Boeing office. The Russian specialists has been responsible for design and strength analysis of the main load-bearing elements, over 60 % of the relevant works has been made in Moscow. The collaborative teamwork of all project members made it possible to significantly reduce the project duration and meet the declared weight characteristics.

The new narrow-body twin-engine jet airliner has an improved fuel efficiency, its fuel economy is 20 % more as compared to the first 737 Next-Generation aircraft family. Also the design of the new aircraft has delivered a maximum low operating costs per seat.

Today the Boeing 737 jet family includes four generations. Just on the same day 19 years ago, i.e. on December 8, 1996 the Boeing Company debuted its first Boeing 737 NG. Such event is very symbolic: the new Boeing 737 MAX family should replace the Boeing 737 NG jets.