On October 11, 2016 the “Altair Software Solutions for Aerospace Industry” Forum was held at the Moscow Polytechnic University. The event was organized by Progresstech company jointly with the AltairEngineering representative, and supported by the Moscow Polytechnic University.

 Among the forum participants were professionals of various aerospace enterprises and organizations, including Moscow Boeing Design Center, Research and Engineering Company, Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Sukhoi Design Bureau, Research and Production Corporation “Space Monitoring Systems, Information & Control and Electromechanical Complexes”’ named after A.G. Iosifian (VNIIEM Corporation JSC), JSC "Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG", Lavochkin Research and Production Association (NPO Lavochkin), NPO Saturn, also the Moscow Polytech undergraduates attended the forum.

Presented at the forum was the Altair software allowing to develop innovative solutions for all industry sectors. Altair Engineering presented the software solutions which set up new standards in the aerospace industry for lead time reduction of development of finite element models, automation of analysis of results, weight structural optimization, solution of various tasks on dynamics and strength of aircraft and spacecraft, simulation of engineering procedures. The Progresstech Engineering Department specialists made presentation on application of Altair software solutions for simulating the engineering processes.

The forum has been organized with a view of the Altair software promotion in Russia and the CIS under the agreement signed by Progresstech and Altair Engineering in July of 2016 in the course of Farnborough International Airshow.