The Progresstech specialists included in the work team on development of the national lean manufacturing standards took part in the second meeting of the team in early December.

 Developed in 2016 were three draft standards planned for approval and implementation next year, namely the integrated system of quality management and lean manufacturing, the value creation flow and the guidelines on personnel training system. The Center Prioritet specialists (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) are responsible for development of these standards. The work team members at the second meeting have discussed the projects presented by each standard developers, made their comments and  suggestions to improve the documents. The discussion results shall be used in formalizing the final edition of the standards.

Progresstech has obtained a unique experience in efficiently managing the business processes for a long-term partnership with world's industry leaders, and used it for enhancement of business processes first for itself and then for other companies. The company's experts provide consulting services on creating a highly efficient business system in enterprises operating in various sectors of economy. 

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