The Progresstech team involved in the inter-terminal passage project was charged with development of engineering solutions of the facility and technical solutions of the automated transfer baggage movement system.

 The inter-terminal passage comprises two tunnels 2000 m long each intended to transport passengers and baggage. The passengers shall be moved by the automatic system consisting of two cable railways. Used for the baggage transfer shall be the rail track system provided with a noncontact data transfer and power supply. The passenger tunnel shall provide the minimum connection time and enhance the passenger transfer between the terminals, while the baggage tunnel shall allow to reduce the baggage inter-terminal delivery time. The facility capacity shall be 11.1 mln passengers and 5.9 mln pieces of baggage per year.

The inter-terminal passage shall connect the south and north areas of the airport and pass under the existing active runways. It is for the first time that such facility shall be built in Russia thus creating optimal conditions to improve the passenger service level.