Held on January 14, 2017 was expert discussion panel Change Management: Global Supply Chains and Industry 4.0 within the program of the VIII Gaidar Forum – 2017 “Russia and the World: Setting Priorities”.

The discussions have been focused upon such issues as changes in the global supply chains under the influence of digital transformation of economy, international trade and economic cooperation, advance opportunities of industry 4.0 (digital economy) and many others.

The panel moderator was Oleg Dunaev, Deputy Chairman, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), committee on international cooperation. In his welcome speech he emphasized that IT was already changing the structure of companies, sectoral borders, business models and business strategies applied, set of core competencies and management technologies. The panel participants discussed the experience acquired by the Russian companies in various high-tech industries as regards the strategic management and prioritizing in transition into the digital economy.

Nikolay Vasiliev, Progresstech Director General and Dmitry Lukin, Project Principal Engineer, Progresstech Arports and Infrastructures Design Department made the presentations “Engineering Services in Global Supply Chain (Progresstech case study)” and “BIM Technologies in Design”.

In his presentation Nikolay Vasiliev shared positive experience of Progresstech involvement in global value creation chain. He noted the efficient cooperation of the company with the Russian market leaders, in particular the Progresstech strategic partner for 23 years has been the Boeing Company which had honored Progresstech with its Supplier of the Year award in 2014. Also he told about new prospective opportunities of Progresstech to export engineering services.

And Dmitry Lukin in his presentation suggested another approach to design of objects – application of the BIM technologies (information modeling), thus enabling to provide customers with higher-level services. The innovative technologies are based on creating a single comprehensive 3D model simultaneously by all design process participants (architectures, engineers, process engineers, industrial designers) that should be used over all object life cycles. Application of the BIM technologies allow to reduce the construction and maintenance costs up to 30 % and the project implementation time-frame up to 50 % etc. In 2016 Progresstech carried out a whole number of projects by applying the digital technologies.

The discussion has resulted in revealing new trends in managing professional competencies, identifying strategic solutions and developing recommendations on the integration of the Russian companies into global value chains in the digital economy environment. Considering the significance of these problems the discussion participants proposed to continue the expert dialogue on key issues in the future.