This August the Progresstech Aerodrome Testing Laboratory successfully carried out the works on checking the physical characteristics of Nizhny Tagil Salka Airfield, that was specially mentioned in the Letter of Thanks by Nikolay Smirnov, NTIIM Director General.

Progresstech LLC and FSE Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing (NTIIM) have efficiently partnered since 2006.

At the airfield administration’s request in connection with the forthcoming integrated airfield inspection by the official oversight body the Progresstech team, namely Aleksey V. Makagonov, Deputy Director of Aerodrome Testing Laboratory, Maxim V. Firsov, Test Engineer and the laboratory employees has carried out within the shortest possible time at an adequate quality level a series of works on evaluating the physical characteristics of the experimental aviation Nizny Tagil Salka Airfield.

The Progresstech partnership with the Nizhy Tagil Institute of Metal Testing will continue to be developed in the future.