In 2020 the educational system in Russia underwent a radical transformation to reach a new higher level. In this context Progresstech has pioneered the online sessions of annual undergraduates' training. The training system has required rearrangement of the teaching process. The trainees have been offered the Zoom video conferences and the educational base from Google Cloud.

Among the attendees of the first and second sessions were students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University).

In the new online format the trainees took a course on the aircraft design and also were trained in the up-to-date MSC.PATRAN/NASTRAN finite element (FE) calculation software package.

During the courses entitled “Aeronautical Engineering Basics and Airplane Design” and “Strength of Materials” conducted by Progresstech for the Moscow leading higher school students the trainees have improved their theoretical knowledge by practical skills and successfully completed the training program.

The training practice was positively assessed by its tutors, namely Boris Trotsenko, Engineering Department Chief Engineer and Alexey Ivchin, Deputy Chief Engineer.