Progresstech is involved in developing the expansion project of the existing business aviation apron at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO), the construction works shall start very soon.

 The project work began in 2015 by pre-project solutions. Progresstech suggested the customer several apron configuration solutions to select. Chosen was the option providing the accommodation of 21 aircraft and three helicopters on the multi-purpose stands allowing to park aircraft of various classes, thus considerably increasing the apron versatility. All accepted geometrics were additionally checked by simulation modeling the apron ground traffic.

Applied in designing is the state-of-the-art BIM (building information modeling) software. The designers create a unified digital model of the site planning solutions along with the engineering networks layout. Subsequently this could enable to enhance the coordination between the construction team members and to efficiently manage the apron operation.

The renovated and expanded apron shall include such business aviation facilities as hangar, VIP passenger terminal, helipad and stand in the same complex. The apron shall be equipped with advanced engineering systems, its area shall exceed 70,000 sqm, including a remote deicing pad.