Progresstech is awarded the right to conclude contracts by bidding on development of the functional zoning of international cargo hub and maintenance & logistics center at Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport (KJA).

 The Progresstech specialists shall have to work on possible boundaries of the cargo hub area, study its potential and develop its functional zoning in milestones. Also among the tasks to be solved is determination of engineering and economic characteristics of areas for the forward airport development. In process of work the Progresstech team shall develop the cargo hub transport framework and plan the external communications considering the existing airport infrastructure. The pre-project study shall result in determining the optimal layout of the cargo hub taking into account the required engineering and transport infrastructure, thus serving as a basis for further detailed design.

Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo International Airport stands in the middle of Russia, in Siberia and takes a strategic position – the shortest traffic flows from Europe to the South-East Asia and the North America pass via this region airspace. Thanks to such advantageous location the Yemelyanovo Airport has all prerequisites for becoming an international air passenger and cargo hub.