Progresstech has entered into the contract on provision of engineering services in construction of the facility “New Air Terminal Complex at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport”.

The Progresstech specialists shall develop the project BIM model of the facility, perform the field supervision for the entire period of the air terminal complex construction by continually updating the BIM model, as well as provide the BIM model transfer for the further efficient maintenance of the building and the engineering systems.

In addition, Progresstech shall carry out the multi-agent simulation modeling of the passenger traffic for the design passenger terminal, thus allowing to model the real process of the air terminal operation just in the course of construction, to identify and show the customer the potential bottlenecks of the construction process and suggest their mitigations.

Also, Progresstech shall develop the interior design, including both the public areas and increased-comfort areas.

The construction of the new air terminal complex at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport started on October 23, 2017.