In May of 2018 the reputable worldwide corporation Alstom announced the GrabCAD challenge on optimization of the structural support of the underframe of the Barselona metro rolling stock. The challenge participants received the CAD-model of the frame as a source data and the task was to lighten the design of the structure and concurrently to decrease its value.

Progresstech engineer Azamat Sayapov assisted by experienced engineer Alexander Silantiev has suggested the solution by using the hat profile of beams and the simplified bolt fixture, thus providing 42 % mass reduction and 40 % value decrease and at the same time meeting the requirements for strength, rigidity and durability. Azamat’s solution is among the top 10 winners selected from 139 entries registered at the design challenge.

Sayapov2 Sayapov3
Solution suggested by Azamat Sayapov