Progresstech, Ltd. has reached the contest final by presenting the project entitled “Development of the project information model of the new air terminal complex at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport” in the nomination “Information modeling technologies in design of real estate subjects” (“BIM-PROJECT”).

The project authors’ team consisted of engineers of the Progresstech Airports and Infrastructures Design Department, namely Angela Khoroshilova, Elena Leonova, Veronika Kozhevnikova, Anna Bykova, Sergey Petrenko, Anna Belkova, Jennet Bayramova and Natalia Rubtsova.

Started under the project of the large-scale upgrading of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport in October of 2018 was the construction of the new air terminal complex. The Customer (JSC Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport) took a decision to manage the construction works by applying the state-of-the-art information modeling technology (BIM technology).

Thenewairterminalcomplexisatwo-levelbuildingofanirregulargeometricshapewithaboardingrampandthreeairbridges. Adjacent to the principal front of the building are canopies to protect from precipitations the passengers walking to/from a car parking lot and hotel. The total area of the air terminal building is about 40,000 sqm and the total structural volume is slightly over 330,000 cu m.

Developed on basis of the prepared project documentation was the information model which has demonstrated all advantages of the BIM technology as compared to the classical design. Working in the common information environment ensured correlation of the adopted solutions by automated model test and made the project concept obvious and understandable.

In the course of construction the model shall be on a regular basis updated and supplemented with information on actually executed works to provide further technical maintenance and revenue service of the facility.

Applying the virtual reality (VR) a virtual model has been developed for this project, thus demonstrating the passenger arrival and departure scenarios by making a virtual tour around the air terminal building.