InDecemberof2018 ProgresstechtookpartinAirportSolutionsIndonesia 2018 Airport & AviationTechnology & ServicesExhibitionheldinJakarta, Indonesia. Our company has presented its competencies in providing the engineering consulting services for air transport industry by applying the information modeling (BIM) technologies and simulation modeling tools for engineering processes. The key element at the Progresstech booth was the virtual model of the air terminal complex under construction at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport. Each visitor could evaluate the project scope, enjoy the bird’s eye view of the air terminal and make a tour around the future air terminal by putting on the VR glasses.

During the event multiple meetings and talks were held with the respresentatives of the aviation authorities of the Southeast Asia regions as well as the top managers of the large construction subcontractors and architect’s bureaus. Indonesia is an island state comprising over 17,000 islands where the aviation is of the primary importance to the transportation system. In spite of this Indonesia cannot boast of having a developed up-to-date air transport infrastructure. Revealed in the course of these meetings were the Indonesian partners’ needs to develop the multi-use standardized solutions on establishing and improving the regional airports infrastructures. At present Progresstech starts implementing the project on development of the multi-use program for the passenger air terminal of the domestic airlines airport in Indonesia.