The Progresstech Airports and Infrastructures Design Department has efficiently presented the project on developing the general layout of the Krasnoyarsk aviation hub expansion.

The specialists faced a challenge to develop a concept for a concurrent expansion of just two separate airports included in Krasnoyarsk aviation hub: namely, Dmitry Khvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk International Airport and local Cheremshanka Airport.

In developing the conceptual project the Progresstech engineers suggested a perspective plan for expanding the Krasnoyarsk air hub for short-, medium- and long-term periods.

The project part concerning the Krasnoyarsk International Airport includes a construction of new infrastructure facilities such as a hangar for business aviation helicopters, a rescue service building, a parking lot, and a reconstruction of existing terminal No. 1, hangar complex, ramps to install the aircraft stands and other facilities located within the airport area.

As for Cheremshanka Airport the project comprises a number of main priority tasks to maintain the airport infrastructure operable including the construction, rehabilitation and demolition of airport facilities, the aviation safety and security, maintaining the airfield pavements in appropriate condition, development of material and technical resources and replacement of light equipment.

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