Progresstech Ltd. completed the traditional practical training on design and calculation for the third-year students of the robotics and complex automation department of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU).

Among the tutors were Valery Plotnikov, Principal Specialist, Engineering Department, Anna Goleminova and Nikita Cizykh, Cat. 3 Engineers and others.

In 2021 the training tutors applied and effectively implemented a new approach involving the Progresstech young specialists in the students’ training process. Despite the initial level of proficiency such young specialists acting as tutors could share their experience acquired during their work on strength aspects at Progresstech and show themselves as responsible experts aimed at the professional skills development.

Presented to the trainees were the Zoom-platform lectures and conferences in the online format which had been tested in 2020.

In the course of training the students have learnt the airframe structure and its structural diagram and the aviation industry contractors’ tasks including standard issues and concerning the stress deformation statedetermination by clients, diagram plotting, static indefinability exposure, beam cross-section shearing stress calculation and structural stability calculation.

Also suggested to the trainees were the tasks on the aircraft structural mechanics involving the design diagram plotting by contractors for the presented structure, calculation of fasteners and local buckling and also the highly sophisticated problems of clients, namely calculation of bolt step joint taking into account the bolt stiffness, determination of aircraft loading factors during gravity-free simulating flights and calculation of linkage applied during the aircraft static tests. 

Upon the training session the students have got some ideas of necessity to gain knowledge of the airframe strength aspects.