In October and November of 2018 the Progresstech specialists rendered consulting services on the business process optimization support for two enterprises.

It should be specially noted that the above enterprises’ activities are absolutely different. Fragaria, LLC (Lipetsk) operates in the agricultural market sector, while Techpromsintez (Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region), in the chemical industry sector. Both companies go through the most important - startup stage of their lean production system development.

Progresstech possessing a wide Lean-consulting experience and acting as an expert has demonstrated the basic lean production techniques and tools to these companies’ teams comprising the top- and middle-level management and operating personnel. With a view to take not only an informational profit but a practical advantage of the training, the event was mainly dedicated to development of the value creation flow charts for those production process stages which needed improvement according to the trainees’ opinion.

Having done the analysis of the developed flow charts the training participants could reveal a number of wastes perniciously affecting the total process outcomes. And then generated on the basis of these outcomes were the shortcoming elimination plans.

The participants made a special mention of the efficiency and practical benefit of these trainings and expressed desire to further continue the development of such lean initiatives.